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Ni Abacu Foundation is an umbrella organization launched in January 2015 by 3 organizations hereafter designated as co-founders: the African Survivors International (http://survivorsnetworks.blogspot.de/), the Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI) (http://www.impinduka.com/), and the Akaburantikaboneke asbl.


Ni Abacu Foundation is a non-profit, apolitical, non-governmental organization which brings together individuals and groups not only to remember, and to give honor to the forgotten and neglected innocents who have been killed over the last 25 years by the RPF but Ni Abacu Foundation also endeavors to mobilize the international community to end the great lakes region’s ongoing genocide against Rwandan Hutu and Bantu people, and advocates for the truth to be said to help millions of survivors and victims to build a hopeful bright future.



Why Ni Abacu Foundation?


Since the invasion of Rwanda by the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) on the 1st, October 1990, the large scale killings spread in Rwanda. During this war which lasted four years the RPF-Inkotanyi has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of terrorism of double assassination of President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda and Cyprien Ntaryamira of Burundi on 6th April 1994, the event that triggered the mass killings and genocides that took millions of innocent Hutu,Tutsi, Twa and foreigners. When the RPF grabbed power in Rwanda the killings did not stop but were extended beyond the Rwandan borders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where Paul Kagame's ruling party army (RPA/RDF) and other murderers groups affiliated to it such as AFDL, CNDP, M23, Mai-Mai Tcheka, etc massacred millions of innocents Hutu refugees and Congolese citizens since 1996 up-to-date .


On the international justice point of view, crimes of the genocide against the Tutsi have been punished by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) but, on the other side serious crimes and genocide committed against Hutu refugees and Congolese people by the RPF soldiers, are still unpunished.


Sorrowing is that today in Rwanda the Tutsi are the only ones who have right to justice (Gacaca) and to remembrance activities (kwibuka) while the Hutu and Twa who perished in the genocide perpetrated by the RPF-Inkotanyi were denied rights to justice and remembrance of their loved ones. Remembering the Tutsi who perished in the genocide is not a mistake, but the horrible mistake is to remember and give justice to only Tutsi and forget the Hutu and the Twa.


Having survived all the slaughters that took lives of millions of Hutus, Tutsis, Twas , the co-founders of Ni Abacu Foundation understand that it is their big responsibility as human beings to honor and not to forgot innocents who have been killed over the last 25 years but neglected by the current Government of Rwanda and forgotten by the international community.


The co-founders of Ni Abacu Foundation stand as a voice for the voiceless survivors and families of those victims who are still being killed and flown into rivers and lakes by the tyrannical regime in Rwanda or those refugees who are hunted like animals in the forests of the DRC and elsewhere.  


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